Joint Effort to Fight Against Forced and Child Labour

    Ethiopian Labour Rights Watch (ELRW) has organised a consultative meeting: Collaboration among Civil Society Organizations, Labour Unions, Trade and Business Associations on the Fight against Forced and Child Labour on October 8, 2021 at Sapphire Addis Hotel.

    The meeting is part of the joint initiative among Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organization (CEHRO) and two of its member organisations - Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) and ELRW which are collectively working on a project regarding the prevention of modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour in Ethiopia. The project funding was recently granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Norway (NORAD) and is coordinated by Action Aid - Ethiopia which includes other civil society organisations and consortiums as implementing partners and will endeavour to minimize the current scale and pervasiveness of modern slavery in Ethiopia.

    The consultative meeting aimed at assessing the conditions for the potential collaboration among the aforementioned stakeholders and prepare action point on ways to move forward. It will serve as a starting line for upcoming endeavours, including but not limited to conducting gap analysis and political economy analysis to facilitate an evidence-based advocacy and communication with government bodies on legal, policy and implementation reforms. Furthermore, it aims to work to incorporate/ratify regional policies on forced and child labour, suggest ways to strengthen policies and laws for preventing modern day slavery in different sectors of the economy, and work to build the capacity of civil society organizations to comprehend the legal framework of forced and child labour. Based on the outputs and recommendations this meeting a follow-up workshop will be held in 2022 to come up with a concrete plan as to how these stakeholders will actively engage in the endeavour.    

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    Ethiopian Labour Right Watch by Ruth Girma