Capacity Building Training for Labour Inspectors on Forced and Child Labour

    The Ethiopian Labour Rights Watch, in close collaboration with the Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations, Ethiopian Human Rights Council and ActionAid organized capacity building training for Labour Inspectors on Forced and Child Labour for the purpose of making decent work a reality. With the current scale and pervasiveness of modern slavery, this training aimed at enhancing effective labour inspection to ensure the implementation of international labour standards, including elimination of forced and child labour. 

    Through the training, participants where able to enhance their understanding of child and forced labour, its practical manifestations and distinguish it from other forms of exploitation. Furthermore, we endeavored to provide labour inspectors in Addis Ababa with a better understanding of their roles, procedure, planning and reporting mechanisms.

    It is in ELRW’s best interest to further strengthen its partnership with the above-mentioned organizations  and strive to abate the social, economic and political impact that modern slavery brings to the Ethiopian community.


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    Ethiopian Labour Right Watch by Ruth Girma